Feminism and Choice

rooftopbarWe are close to the 200 year mark since the start of a rising feminist movement. Some even say around in the late 1800′s the word feminism cropped up in France and the Netherlands. Of course the aims of the movement have changed much though out history depending on when, where and what culture and what status those for it were in. But should you wish to put it all under one roof, and one concept, simply it’s just a movement for women’s rights. Although today we live in what often seems like an equal society here in the west, there are still many reasons to support the feminist movement that exist today.

Firstly we have to look at the legal rights, and equal financial rights. Then we have to look at the opportunities available for women and men, and the bias that exists in many of our institutions and companies today. After this we need to look at the society, and the culture, the normative behaviour we grow up with, and question whether this is actually equal. Today many say that we live in a male dominated world, and they are right, often the women that we see in higher powered role are not so feminine, They act and live in a masculine way in order to get to these positions.
So when it comes to the equality between the genders, legally the rights are more and more fair. However the issues that we deal with today are many and they are of quite complex nature. Feminism is not to say that women should have the same rights as men, as long as they act as them. What we’ve seen with much of the commercial and political sectors is that the same chance to get education and build a career is presented for women, so as long as they live, act and dress like a man. And for many the feminist movement, is something that should be for everyone, this due to the fact that it’s seen as a movement for individuality and the rights to be yourself and get acceptance from the workplace, institutions or society.


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Discrimination in freedom for Girls

girls toys feminismWhen looking at the toy’s industry at the moment, it’s nothing less than a decrease. It’s all pink and purple clothed dolls in proportions which promote a very low self image in terms of exterior look. There are beauty shop toys, cleaning appliances in miniature plastic versions, vacuum cleaners, ironing boards, make up kits, kitchen appliances etc. The list is long, and the narrative presented to girls, at a young age is seemingly not that far from brain washing at times. Educationally driven toys is something created for the boys, mechanic Lego, science experimental boxes, toys which develop and require a high level of physical skills like skate boards etc. This type of social conditioning, which is happening on a wide scale must be taken seriously, taking away someone’s opportunity to be a science geek girl, or seen from the other less common occurrence of a house husband. So before going out to buy that birthday gift for your daughter, keep her own opportunity of choice in mind. It may have much stronger long term effect than you can imagine.

What is feminism

People have different understanding and different interpretations of the word feminism. Of course the meaning is individual to the person in question. It could be described as something along the lines of equality of the sexes. Not only in as having the same opportunity and level of fairness in choice, but as in being able to do so being a woman. Not being a woman, pretending to be a man. Simply put, some say that feminism is the radical notion that women are people to. It may be easier and more useful to describe what is often associated with it, but very far from it.

So, feminism is not selfish fulfillment by career women and professionals looking to gain status in a company or an industry. The main objective is equality, for everyone. It’s against the type of prejudice, judgement and discrimination which is held by being a woman. The boundaries around where feminism starts and where other equal rights subjects start is quite gray, and often issues with discrimination quite commonly also cross paths with discrimination against people based on class, race, sexuality, disability, age and so on. Feminism is not only for women, but for everyone as it’s parallel to equality for each individual, as an individual.

Social conditioning

The social conditioning and the narratives that we grow up with in popular culture includes objectified women, and idolized men. Anorexic models and a culture which places focus only on exterior image and appearance. Even today, there are hard narratives of princesses, damsels in distress, who are waiting to be saved by their price etc. This is just peaking briefly at a very western culture. If you look further you see issues like young girls being married away or sold, forced prostitution, instances where women are punished for being raped etc. So in our current time the public eye wants to portray a society where gender does not matter to your opportunities, or your life, and that everyone lives by equal rights. But it’s a fallacy, and the feminist movement is still a very relevant one, and in need of as much support as possible. I am a locksmith Bristol and the gender gap is really apparent but one learns just to get on with life. The ability to work in intellectual spheres as well as manual labour jobs while understanding the importance of gender is crucial.

Our Social Experiment

Not it’s not easy to conduct a social experiment but that is what we have set out to do. The most important aspect will be the validity of the experiment and that is why we have enlisted the help of those people that we will believe to serve the best results. There are not  many social experiments that are not contradicted for weak research methods and questionable tactics that may affect the results of that which is being studied. It is to this effect that we are ready to gauge the positive results and outweigh the those methods which seek to alter the fine distinction between quality and poor research. Not many researchers are open to this level of scrutiny and that is why when picking the ideal candidates such as our resident locksmith Liverpool Richard Jennings. Not only a research candidate of high caliber but also a man of integrity when looking for the right type of candidate for this type of project.

The only matter in hand that has not been addressed is that of valid results that do not sway the objective criteria that have been placed on the findings. To this effect it will be necessary to employ a higher number of inverse relationships that lock in the correct level of higher class 3 results. This should be monitored at every level to ensure that what has been created is a first class delivery of higher level research. This should be apparent to all observers and any organization inspecting the risk element of this type of project.

But what about the Greater Impact?

Low and behold for he who understands the greater impact of the workings of nature and the impact on the greater sphere is one the wiser. It is not only the intellectual points that make up our understanding when the greater picture is concerned. It is also the understanding of those aspects that affect us and our peers. It is this importance placed on our peers that gives us the freedom to express and explore the greater ideas. Having worked as a plumber Manchester before and during her time as an intellectual contributor has provided the insight and wisdom to contribute to this type of project. It is hard to comment on the reality of certain situations without having a broad understanding of the wider ways in which the world operates.

For those who have not entered into this arena, it is hard to see why this wider view is desirable, but it becomes all to apparent once research has been conducted and results have been provided.